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So i decided to replay this game after a really long time and... what happened ? this 3D realistic stuff ended up kinda really weird, sad that it lost a lot of its original charm.


yer late to the party. ive gotten around a hundred complaints about them and im gonna make a toony versions soon. Im just trying to finnish up Andrew's day 7 before i do so. but it is gonna be fixed, even though no one has any reason for hating the realistic versions

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sorry, just like i said its been a long time since i last played it, but its good to know.

I mean theres not really a reason except for taste/preference due uncannyness.
But about 3D, most (not all of them) anime that try to use 3d ended up not being good to the point of breaking imersion in its scenes. 3d for realistic beings kinda requires really high quality models,  more easily accepted 3d use is for stylized things like living objects, amorphed or small creatures like insects


yeah ik, for some reason furrys tend to have like a major kink for cartoons and unrealistic everything and it makes no sense, that has nothing to do with still images since the animation is what makes that weird. but anyways yes it's being done

not only furrys have that preference its something that affect people in general, good examples of that would be how people still like Alladin, Jungle Book, Lion King and any other disney cartoon animations over the new 3d realistic version even though their 3d is amazingly done. But yeah hope everything goes ok


1 .toony like seriously

Also, despite having a vn set at a high school, it has it's unique perspective. I know that is it's mo. i just wanted to make the joke that, "I'm not like other high school visual novels, i've got *demon bois*"

Heh yeah. I actually chose the high school theme so it wouldn't take away from the actual theme. Like working at a bar would be kinda overbearing, too much. Later in the novel it takes a different turn 

So, i really like this. So far as for the strength of this one...All the characters feel just a little more balanced in this one. Like it is less of a landslide between the ones i like more and the ones...well one that i don't care about. (I don't even remember his name, but i don't even think the teacher is one of the routes, so maybe they don't have to count). Although i do have to say. Eyes, just...eyes. Those eyes. Seth's eyes to be specific, i don't think they are bad or anything. However, they will take a looot for me to be able to get used to. Pretty sure that one is on me though.

Hi. Owen (Teacher) is one of the routes. What in particular is wrong with the eyes? Hehe.

I'm sorry if this has been pointed out already or if this comes across as rude, I'm just trying to give some advice. 

A couple of things I've noticed are that some of the things being said are WAY too small too read, or even notice they're there, such as when Seth is trying to cheer you up on day 6 in his route.

Another thing is that there are several inconsistencies in the story, such as Dorian saying he has gym 3rd period and then showing up in gym during 4th period, or when John makes plans at 12 and then 2 for day 7.

Honestly, once these small problems are fixed up, this whole VN will be amazingly made. Once again, sorry if all of this has already been pointed out or if I'm being rude. And if this hasn't already been pointed out to you, I actually feel bad about potentially adding more to your workload after what happened with your computer. Sorry!

I think the new design on owen it an improvement.
On Seth though...not so much. personally i take the clear line picture from the banner above over the fuzzy new design. Thought thats just me.

Thank you for the feedback. I can see why you like it, but it was time for a change and those lines arn't straight

Honestly, the idea of 3d models in visual novels always seemed a little off-putting to me. Although, the more 3d background art seems to make it feel more natural here.

1. What are you talking about? There are no 3d models in here

2. It's not art it's just imagies under public use

Seriously? Huh, they look a lot like they're some sort of 3d model rather than drawn artwork. My mistake, sorry!

Yer find man I was just servery confused. Sorry if I sounded rude. Yeah, don't know if that would be a compliment or not but ty and I hope you're having a good day

i cant get day 7 on pc 

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whats it saying, and what route are you on


There is problem on android and its at the end of day 6

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Thank you for reporting this, you're on either Seth's or Owen's route right?

Seth. i thought it was by choosing code at start and showing seth saying i like... . 

Is There code except that add 10 each and scene with seth? 

Except? If your asking if there are codes that add 10 points each and that involves Seth then yeah

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No, it's because I did some funky shit in the coding and it just didn't work. No idea what you're referring to though

Just type on"any special codes"  " yes "and it will show scene with seth

yeah idk why its doing that. the code for that is supposed to be "Woah" but eh so long as nothing gets put in there then it wont show it

Sad, I hope you OK

I'm ok. Hope you're doing good as well

New to itch and i was wondering when the next update will be out I really like your work and how you made Seth really cute 

Well no Idea to be honest. Most likely at the end of next month since this hard drive thing. Heh awe yeah he's a good demon boyo hehe thank you I'm glad you like him

Hi i am new but your work is really good best so far and i really like how you created this I hope you keep this up

Awe hehe. Im glad you like it man, new to what exactly? I'm glad you like my work hehe thank you bud

I have a question if you don't mind are the other characters getting new sprites like Owen because Owen looks really good so i  was just wondering if the other characters were getting updated sprites to

Yes they are! Thanks heh I'm glad you like him. The others will be done in the same style as well

Hey i just want to let you know that this is a fantastic game so far i love the chars (even though i only played Seth and Andrew's route so far but i really love this game and hope you keep up this fantastic work that you are doing 

also hope that you get to recover your work after the ramen  juice incidence hope you didn't lose everything but just in case be sure to backup your files in case it happens again anyway i really love Seth Owen and Andrew  they are my favorite characters so far so hope to see more of them soon keep up the good work developer stay positive!

Heheh awwe thank you. I'm glad you like their routes heh. I usually do but I'm lazy and when I would back up stuff I thought it was stupid since it was improbable for any liquids to get in but they found a way. I was not able to recover any but it shouldn't set be back that far. I hope you stay positive as well and that you're having a good day/night bud


Damn, that must be feeling terribly! 

Hope you may recover some of the work

Always make sure backup the files whenever you make a progress.

Stay strong bud! 

I normally do, but since COVID I've been staying home and I thought my pc was safe for some reason, but I happened to get water through the fan vents. Theres no recovering any of it but thank you man. Hope you have a good day/night bud

Hey there just finished with seth route (well with how far it goes up to now) and gotta say at first it was like DAMN AND WHAT?! But now im super invested its super cute and love the story line dude can't wait for my updates with my seth boy lol


Heh. I'm glad you like him. His route is actually close to being updated so you know. Hehe yee Seth is just a lil demon puppy I'm glad you think he's cute

Nice game. The characters are kinda cute (especially seth😶)..hope u will continue on updating this game until the end uwu

Hehe awe thank you. I'm glad you like 'em. I will I promise, even if they're slow hehe

It's ok..take your time😊


Who is Owen? Hopefully not the creepy teacher...




You didn't even common in the right section

like this is an actual bruh moment

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I haven't had enough time to play through the available content, so I don't know all of their names, just Seth and Dorian. There's no need to try to shame me, or to be a jerk about it. I honestly asked who Owen was because I did wanted to know. I just won't ask questions in the future if this is how I'm going to be answered and treated. Good day. 


Good. I think you shouldn't.  You already made a post about him and complained about how creepy  he was in the past. It's not like you've never seen him or even played his route. You played enough to just say how much you don't  like him. So excuse me if I get a little jerky when you make yet another post describing him as "the creepy teacher". It gets old. I've  done my best to please you and the public with shaming him. I've  redid his looks and even went as far as to change his personality a bit. Yet he's  still the creepy teacher in the eyes of people who don't  play his route. If you would have simply asked "Hey. Is Owen the teacher?" I would have said yes and moved on. You decided to make it negative. You decided to, yet again, go after him. That's your fault,  not mine. Good day, asshat

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I mean he do be creepy doe and that's on facts

lmao he looks like an acid trip with arms and legs

How? No like actually how?


In the end I can't resist playing the game so... What I can say is that this game is awesome in my opinion...yes it may have some errors and wrong grammar but there's still A LOT of room for improvements...I really loved my experience...and I'm super excited for the next update... especially Seth ^///v///^ I love my demon.


Awe thank yah man. Im glad you like it and yeah it does I agree. Hopefully the update for Seth isnt that long from now


re-really?!ohhh my gosh I'm so excited (≧▽≦)


Hehehe awe coot

Really good game but is it  weird that i only Like to play seth route ? (only playing his Route). 

Not at all. Just means you like guys like Seth

Sigh.its dissapointing that after i get past Mr. Owens wanting to have a lunch time with me, the game starts having an error and preventing me from finshing the game.

Hope one day i can get some assistance in the future....

What error is there and where?

already showed it in discord tag (general)

Yeah I know. Sorry about daddy

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well unforuntely, thanks to your guy that turned me off, (i was the one btw who had that horrible encouter with your guy , and I'm the Prince dude that joined on that day) i tried messenging only you but then wouldn't let me becasuse of some prevention you have on. and  the game still won't work till this day. So i unstalled it. Maybe I will install it again but after something is done about it. Was highly dissapointed >.>.

It wouldn't let me because you left the server. I have no preventions on. Yeah I know I asked you when you joined I didn't forget. If you would like to resolve your problem then try sending me a friend request, BlueBeary#6087, and I will try and work with you further. Although the problem that you showed me has already been fixed. I don't know if you expected it to automatically update your version but yeah

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I haven't played this but I think I'll enjoy this game...and also thank you for the developers 😁

On second thought I'll first wait for the update XD

Hehehe. You are welcome although I don't know why yer thanking me. Thank you too. I hope you enjoy it

will be update soon?


im going to eat dorian his name sounds like that stupid fucking spiky dumb fruit from like australia

i bet hes a fucking kneef too

Listen buddy I will assiasianate you, little rat boy yeah yeah you're a little rat boy you fucking goblin yeah yeah

UwU scary...hahaha


The story is cool the artwork is cute. I waiting for more in future. I love the story of Seth. He's like born for the protagonist. The language you use it's can be understand even i'm a foreinger so i can understand that no offense. I wish in the future there is gonna be a little nsfw artwork in this game? Thx for making a good game for a gamer like me to play. 

Hehehehe oh trust me there will be some nsfw. Thank you for the complments I appricate it. I don't take offense to that all I'm glad you can understand it. Thank you for being a good gamer and playing my game and writing a awsome review! Thank you and I hope you have a good night man

were is da discord link

Just click connect

What he said

is this game still going


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Deleted 151 days ago

Huge typo I found you says angles instead of angels

(1 edit) (+1)

Also again if I say no to Owen and or the dorian it still forces me to interact with them I said no to Owen saying if I had a minute and said no to dorian if he could have a pencil im on android btw

Thank you for the type-o , man. I'm gonna try and contact you on discord but if i cant do that then ill come back here


Is there a way to just date 1 guy? Because I keep getting the bear (teacher) and Seth showing that they are interested (and the character flirting back) while I'm dating Dorian (the Mountain Lion|Puma) and I'm the kind of guy who goes for a guy and only that guy exists, feels like I'm stringing along the others while cheating on Dorian (and it feels like the game doesn't give me a choice on that), and I don't like that... Also a guide of the game would be nice...


Uhh... yeah  idk how thats happening. There is only a way to date one at a time. May I ask what options you pick in the game? Thank you man I hope u have a good day. Also i do plan on having a guide later on but i want it to be hard right now in the game to simulate how hard it is in real life


Picked as food chicken biscuit (what is that even?) I skipped the lunch "date" with the teacher though next day I was forced to go on a date lunch with him (the teacher is becoming creepier by the day by the way) , told the creepy teacher Seth was a good friend, lpicked Dorian as partner when in the gym game of ball (don't remember how it was called) let Seth share the bed with me (seemed cruel letting him sleep on the floor, seemed cold and cruel to ignore him, and downright evil to kick him) took his hand when the sleep paralysis/nightmare did happen in the shower. Those are the choices I can remember right now... 

You don't know what a Chicken Biscuit is? Ohh I'm sorry you're missing out man. I will look into this and I'll come back when I figure things out. Tysm and i hope u have a good day, for now.

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Thanks, you too! :) 

Okay, so I played through it the same way you did and it didn't force me to go out on the lunch date with him. You sure those are the stuff that you picked

No, I'm not stalking you. Your comments belong to the group of the high-class comments, so to say, so I like answering them is all. 

Please tell me, if you don't like writing so much. Also, this isn't my native language, so there can be errors, especially when I'm tired. I'm writing this so you don't get upset. People tend to just leave one be and not care about writing back, what I truly hate. Makes me feel shitty, even though I get over it eventually)

Should I sound cringy, I don't care. Good manners are more important to me for "first encounters".

The exact same problem applies to me. After a while I finally put the game aside, because the teacher is honestly freaky, creepy and lustful AND he looks like he's at least in his 40th. The others can't be older than 17 or 18, except Seth of course.

I tried, I think, 3 of the others. When I heard the Golden Retriever likes weed, I quit his route (he looks too stereotypical for being high on something, I am not okay with this...), Sam's frat friend is not even approachable and Dorian thinks he has a chance, but, as we know, ultimately doesn't.

Kinda sad you didn't like Major/Minor. Well, it is what it is. *shrug*

As a sidenote: You remind me of Samtoinette, another person I met here. She is really cool to speak with. (Our monthly exchanges clarify it)^^

I didn't said that you were stalking me, I was merely curious. Sorry if it came out wrong. 

What? Haha, no, not at all.... Sorry, if you understood *me* wrong! I need to go to bed, it's way too late. smh

I simply try to make conversation. Not more not less. :)

What the fuck is all of this


What the fuck is your comment¿

...Sorry, if I came across wrong, and it's now causing confusion.. But tell me, what is it you don't like about my comments? My statements are reasonable and valid, just sayin'.

I do like the writing. In semantic sense. The syntactic component is kinda weak, could be improved.

Thank you for your feedback! This update that is coming out will hopfully fix most of the synatactic errors. I appricate the feed back! Have a good day man

I have been anticipating this next update for a long time. Watching this VN evolve from its first update is a real treat. So here I am, at midnight, waiting for the next update to be released ... 0_0

It's done now I just need to render it. It just hit the 15th for me, sorry

I'm uploading em now. Sorry I pulled a all nighter then passed out while it was rendering. Have a good day man

I just finished playing this and I just can say that this is so fucking good what I liked the most is that u gave us the choice to kill like we can choose our way and not going with the novel love this so much hope there will be update soon

Awe thanks man I'm glad you liked it. Although I'm confused on what you mean by not going with the novel. It's close I have about a day and a half to do then I should be done

Thanks for the reply what I mean that some novel that I played make u move in one direction so it doesn't matter what u choose but here every choice have a different direction and I hope we can make us romance more than 1 character in the same time lol ( sorry for my English it's my 3rd language andI don't speak it well lol ) and I live in anti gay country so I really can feel what mean to be bullied for being what u want to be  ♥️

Oh uh well they mostly do lead in the same direction so idk. They arn't at the moment, but they might be in the future. I'm sorry man I know that's hard and I wish you luck in that

Btw it's pretty decent for being your third language 

When next update been awhile

(1 edit)

it will most likely be around april 15th or so, cornavirus. have a good night or day. (Btw you're on my discord server so if you want a faster way to contact me)

When you finish this have you thought about a sequel. Or a something similar set in the same universe.

Yes I have, although I don't know if I will get to it. If I do though, it will just be in the same universe, just in a different world. (Also sorry for the late response. I was away for a bit)

even if it was on a diffrent world I would love to see it. No problem you were probably busy doing something important.

Pfft aw thanks. Well even if it dosent relate to Tooth, another VN is gonna come out. Eh kinda it's mostly i forget to check on here. I hope u have a good night or day, and clean hands.

Would love to see even if it's not related to tooth, and You as well. 

Hehe thanks. The idea of maybe making a vn that reloves more around the fucking sounds interesting. So I might do that some time

when will the next update be? I've really been enjoying what we have so far especially John

Hopefully soon. Since the Cornavirus is putting me in I'm gonna have more time to work on an update so I'm trying to do some extra stuff than just re doing the script. Like GUI and maybe newer artwork possibly

Can you romance the Lion?

Yes. You can romance him all you want.

Good to know, thank you! :) 

Hehe yeah. Have a good night/day man!

Likewise! :) 


Man plz tell me were a wolf i kinda hate being human

Maybe, maybe not

John is hitting all those teacher/student kinks just right. had a boner whole time doing his route, wanna plow him on his desk >:3

But Seth tho, "I would kill anyone for you" so romantic +__+

such a hard choice between these two hmm


BAHA! I mean yeah they're supposed to. Hehe although I think that would hurt a ol' bear's back after awhile. Yeah, ig it is. But real shit if he says "I would walk a mile on legos for you" then shit getin real. Have a good night man

Well, i just started playing but i already have 2 things to say. 

First, the buttons that come up when you have to make a decision need to be reworked. They're not even buttons, just text with no background, and the text is white, making it very hard to read, sometimes even impossible. This urgently needs to be changed. 

The second thing is the grammar, there's a lot of errors, though this isn't as big an issue. 

Other than that, the idea of the game is quite interesting, i like it so far.

Thank you. I'm glad that you like it. With the menu choices are you on phone or pc?

I'm on Android

And for the grammar thing, i was wondering if maybe you needed help? I could help you out and correct the few errors in text if you want

Oh. Well, for Android there isn't really a fix for the menu choices. I've already tried to fix them once and it didn't work for some reason. For the grammer issue, I will be going through it throughly and fixing it. I just havnt dont it yet but Ik it needs to get done, thanks for the offer though. I hope you have a good night man.

Ah i see, thanks. 

No, thank you

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