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what's the difference from newer.apk and older.apk?

Newer is for newer devices and older is for older devices, try Newer first before trying Older, obviously if Newer doesn't work then try Older first, IDK why but renpy decided to split up the normal android distribution into 3 parts, probably to solve some android version issues.


"shut the fuck up and eat my spaghetti" is just the best quote of all quotes


Haha yeah, I'm glad you liked it, it can be used in many ways. 

is there Seth (demon) route too? please

Yes there is!

What is a simulator apk? 

Its the apk file for like simulator things, renpy decided to split up the apk files for some reason.

….what?????   XD

Simulators. There are like things that is like a live simulator of a phone that u can use on a pc, look it up

help :c

It was supposed to say endcred but I misspleed it, you can just save there tho because that's the end.

Oh okay thanks for info

Mhmm, anytime man

Which file should I download for android?

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You should try the Newer.apk then try the Older.apk if the newer doesn't work.

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k thanks also how much gameplay time is there.

Idk around a hour or so I guess, never really tested it out.

OK thanks very good game so far.

Awe thanks, im glad your liking it so far.

help what does this mean 

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It was suppose to show the credits but in this version, it's getting this error. It's just the game's end for now.


^ Thank you for getting to this. Yes it was supposed to be "jump endcred" but I forgot the end part. Thank you for posting this though! I really appreciate you speaking up.


Awesome game! Could it be possible to date Mr. Owens? #'-'#

Being the "teacher's pet" doesn't sound bad AT ALL x33


Hehehe, it dosen't sound bad at all, and Owen dose have a route so yeah you will be able to date him, thank you for the complement! #^w^#

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Hehehe no welcome. ^^
I hope Owen is a daddy type as well #^^#
Although I would prefer if he doesn't curse too much when he's mad. Yeah, the teens are asshole but he's an adult and being a teacher he surely knows what's going on to each student so he would feel more pity to these students. If the visual novel subject is about bullying and depression, he could be an anchor about "seeing things from the other side" or "there are persons who cares about your being", or something like that. Maybe every character could be that anchor.

Anyway what I really hope is Owen being a daddy type #^^#


I mean I guess, if by a father type u mean like protective then yeah he is, that's why he got so mad when the other kids started pulling [player_name]. But yeah I'll look into trying to make him less cussing and stuff, although I will probably will just make him less aggravated because there isn't anything wrong with cussing, expesually if ur mad. But thank you for the input I'll look into it


Yeah, there isn't anything wrong with cussing but as for being an old man he would probably refrain it a bit. But I can't say that every old man is like that, not everyone can be mature or being cool when he should explode, etc. Maybe he should be the way he's, after all.

But yeah I meant the fatherly type person. Protective and caring... Looking after for the player... petting in his head like a "good boy".... hehehe x3


Hehe, yeah that dose sound good x3 , anyways ill look into it, thanks for the feed back

Owww... this visual novel is amazing!! There are some bugs/errors but I don't mind it because the whole history is really interesting! I can't wait for next update <3

Awwww thank you, I appreciate the feedback, yes I know there is a lot of errors, with the game and grammatically, I plan to take a week or so and fix all of the bugs, I really do appreciate ur feed back , I hope u have a good day! <3

Thanks and you too! :3


Android version I'm still forced to go to lunch with Owen even when I say no plz fix

Jesus christ still? I'll try to come up with a fix to that when i get my pc back up, ill prob just make an option to jump to the right labels, although could you tell me what you choose for breakfast on day 1 and what u said to him when he asked u to stay?

For breakfast with Seth ask him what is he getting, and I picked no when asked by Owen if I got a minute. Even when I say no it still forces me to go to lunch with him

Okay I'll work on it, sorry


WOW! this game is incredible, I have noticed some errors like when you have the option to sleep with seth when you wake up show "seth.bed" but not the image (I play it on a cell phone, I do not know if this happens on pc) even so it is very well worked everything :"3 for pity I can not play the new version

I make a fan-art of the game!

Thank you for your feed back! I really appreciate your kind words and your fan art! I meant to make a image for that bit I never got around to it, and I will do something about it, and I'm pretty sure I found out a way to make a Android version, thank you for making my day! 


Hey, do you mind if i include your artwork in the credit section? Ill give your name next to it and stuff

Hey b, your discord link is down, do you have a new one I can use?

Why dogs?....


Bug still happens on Android version still forces me to interact with owen  even after 5.2 did fresh install also

Ok, im sry ill look into it

Is this game nsfw?

Lile sex scenes or just sexual dialogue?

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It will be NSFW soon but not extremely NSFW, like there will be one sex scene per character



Aww indeed. I want more. :(

Sorry for being too selfish T-T

Heh I know..Although next chapter will have alot more sex if everything goes according to plan. x3

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i have errors for you.  when you wake up next to seth his image is gone. it says seth bed. it only happens if you pick him at the gym tho. i checked the others.  then 3 error pages the game keeps going if you hit ignore tho. 1st is after it says. after he starts game and then screen goes to splitscreen.  2nd is after its says. after he had a dual wild hand gun, so you could assume he had alot of armour. 3rd error page comes up on mr owens route.  after it says why are they so bad? i like your game hope you keep at it :) 

The errors about playing the game were talked about in the last update, I am fully aware of them and I fully plan to fix them, and for the Seth thing, what day was it?

it's the day when you get the choice to ask him to sleep in bed with you or kick him. so maybe the 3rd day sorry i wasnt keeping track of the days.  and it only happens if you pick him at the gym. if you pick the others at the gym his image is there. when u get the choice to kick him or ask him to sleep in bed with you.


Okie, thank you for telling me, I'll look into it! x3

Mr.Owens is high-key creepy and ya'll need to fix that.


Bruh fuck u mean y'all? This shit is a one man prod, and how exactly is he creepy? Like the way he looks or?? 

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I have to agree with him owen is creepy his art and comments kinda the one i dont want to interact with at all

Can you please give me an example where u thought he was being creepy? It would help me fix it.

maybe get rid of the white beard make it black or dark brown he looks like santa. not a insult just a idea the rest of him i like the belly is cool the glasses  

okay, I'll see wat I can do

Ok, I didn't know that it was a one-man project and I'm sorry about that.  Also, just saying, your grammar could be a little bit more accurate.  And how is Mr. Owens NOT creepy? First of all, he tries to hang out with a student, which is illegal, and second, He drives a student home, where he lives, and third, just giving off totally creepy vibes.

ik my grammar is shit, im still learning grammar, first its not illegal for teachers to do that, they can do that when ever they want too, and second why tf did u choose that route if u thought he was creepy???

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He is odd but you are right don't choose his route if you don't like him and we still don't know who old the mc is and teacher can do that. So saying it is illegal doesn't make sense.


Thank you, and the MC is 18, I don't outright say it but I will/have said he is a senior and about 90% of the time seniors are 18+

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I agree his white beard was ugly, because he seemed too old, now with black beard at least he seems more young but still forty's, which is great. Just like a teacher's age. 

But I strongly desagree about him being creepy. You probably would think he's if he's not your type. Because if a person don't like older men, they probably would think he's a pervert or something because if a old men hitting younger persons they would think his intentions would be only to harass them. But all his actions towards the mc is too innocent (inviting for a lunch? Saying "good day"? "How's your day"? "Let's hang out again?" Oh god what a creepy) and we don't know him yet. His background, his life, if he's alone, got divorced or lost his son... Also this game is about depression. Would we think the only one in depression is just the mc? Would Owen's is not looking for him because he remembers someone to him? Well I can't say as much because I'm not writing this game and also the game just started. Most of the characters doesn't even have a background  or said something about their lifes, except Seth. It's too soon to assumpt things.

I just hope this game continues to update and doesn't turns into an abandoned project like almost all furry games. I really want to know how this game finishes; specially Owen's rote. I really like him ♡

Yeah I agree with you, although back in the day I had a error that forced you to start on Owen's route. I understand that some people might not be into his route, it is only for people with certain taste. And I guess most people don't really have friend relationships with their teacher so when they see those kinds of relationships they think its creepy. (Also them figuring out that its a visual novel and putting 1 and 1 together. But in all reality you can't blame him for not liking a route that he was forced to be put on. (And btw I like how you analized Owen's actions, your on to something x3)

And on a side note all the characters was built around certain problems, involving depression and such so yeah MC

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I don't know what are you talking about #'-'# 

Hehehe Actually I had screenwriting classes so yeah analyzing character's behaviors was one of the subjects in the course #^^'#

I also had great relationship with my teachers, specially my vocational program's teachers because they helped a lot to study through the course. If you're good to them, they will treat you with respect, will act more patiently towards you, even explain your doubts more attentively than others. They're people after all.

Owen's kinda remember me of them, maybe that's one of the motives I like him ♡

Also just to add to end the doubt: there's no law that prohibits a teacher to date students, they being over 18 and consented, however what weights more about this kind of relationship is the "favoritism" type, that a student or teacher can use this relationship in order to gain a higher grade or to bargain to gain more praise towards the student if the student is directly under the teacher's wing. That would break the institute's grading system and harm other students merits and also spoil the institute's image. Because of that, that kind of relationship is not well seen. Also it's more like an institute policy than a state one.

Although Owen's KINDA did that kind of thing with mc but he didn't do it on purpose to gain something from him. He noticed that mc's grades dropped and asked what happened, concerned about him, and at the end he just raised a little as a token of trust, like mostly of the teachers do to their student that obviously are having a bad time.

Like I said, Owen's is such a caring old bear ♡


Mhmmm, Im aiming to make him as a old dad type of bear but not be so much so that he is just a rip off of Coach Grifter from EA by Dyne because they would essentially be the same and i'm trying not to do that. And about the error thing, around 3.0 or something I had a point system error where it made almost everyone go into Owen's route for some reason. If "I don't know what are you talking about #'-'#" Is referring to idk. And I often see good teachers not "giving" free points for kids grades but making little easy assignments to help boost they're grade (on a side note about the grade stuff)

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Ops. My bad. I got confused about "onto something". I understood "being on to something", like being suspicious about my analyses on Owen's behavior, like I'm getting closer or something '-'

English is my second language so I misunderstood some slangs sometimes ^^'

Also I liked Coach Grifter rote as well. My favorite ones are him and Dozer. And I agree about on making something different.

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woah that menu music is intense, i legit let it play for few minutes before starting the game \m/
what are the "special codes" asked when starting a new game?
imo i don't think you need a new artist, I dig this art style shown here as its very unique.
there's an issue, even if I choose no to eating with the daddy bear math teacher for Day 2, no matter what when heading home after school to make sigils the main character always goes back to eat with them like if i had agreed to eating with him prior O.o
so besides that problem,  love the game so far :D

edit: i found a past comment of what special codes are, no need to explain. also that's fuckin awesome im all for it haha
for those that don't know, it'll be cheat codes and the dev gave an example of 10 affection points to all characters starting out :3

thankies, on the error, do you mean that even if you never agreed to eat with Owen, you end up doing it anyways? (Btw thank you for telling me instead of just letting it slide) 

yep exactly that, i coulda worded that easier welp...

heh, it's alright at least u told me

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My handy has Trouble parsing the Apk file


What do u mean handy? And plz dont make it big like that

Sry. And I mean a mobile phone. 

oh, what is it doing?

??? 😅 Oh don't care. Have worked on the file a bit and fixed the bug. 

oh, ok

I've been trying to download this game but it always stops near the end.... Is this a problem for me only?

What version? (Pc, mac, or mobile)

Im trying to download the pc version. Though I did finally download it but not in my computer but rather from my phone en transfer it to my pc. 

your Discord Server link isn't working ?



I'm curious, are you open to having a proofreader? I'm barely into the story (first Calculus class) and have noticed quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I'm happy to help if you need it.

Sure! That would help alot as i'm still learning spelling and grammer. Is developer mode still active?

Err... Developer mode? Are you talking about Ren'py?

Yeah,  do Ctrl + D

I figured it out, I think. Though I'll try Ctrl+D to see what that does; I've only used Shift+O. However, I'm editing the script now. 

Ok well i have found out that renpy's auto setting for the developer mode dosent work and you have to manually do it so i will have to make a 4.1 to fix the open developer mode. But what i was going to do is just send you a copy of the game with the devolper mode enabled so that you can pin point the exact line that i fucked up in. You will get a "cheat" version if you will of the game and in exchange you will help me correct spelling and grammer (I'll also add your name to the credits) is this fine?

oof I don't know if I just missed this or something but is this visual novel nsfw?

it's a visual novel and it's going to contain nsfw content a eventually

What is a special Code? And where can I get a special Code? 

lol fr I'm trying to cop those codes too XD

I don't have that much codes but u can use the code "cheats" For 10 affection points (I don't know if it will crash it but it shouldn't) 


oml i love the second part so much! maybe ill try the artist thingy b uwu

:0 did u make the second part of the game (sorry i saw you updated it) ALSO EVERYONE THAT IS READING THIS PLAY THE GAME!! ITS AMAZING!! aaaaaa!

yea i accidentally skipped update 2 and went to 3.5. (It should be 1.5 right now) But i was gonna fix it but i would have had to rename everything and that was to much effort. Next update will be 2.0

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Love the game, keep up the good work!

If you need any help with fixing the grammatical errors, I'd be happy to help!

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I usually upload it into whattpad and fix it there but last update i was running late so i rushed it out, thanks for the offer though

Hello I'm really enjoying the game so far but there are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I also think the kitchen could use a better picture for the background and that a little bit more detail is needed to some of the characters lines but other than that it's a good game.

Thank you for feed back! It really helps :3


looking forward to the next update:)

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