Update 69 here

Hey guys, sorry I was extremely late on this update. I ran into certain circumstances that delayed the update. This was uncalled for and I have fixed them. 

*Update Log~

**Continued the script

*Fixed some errors

*Made some new sprites for the menu and stuff

*Fixed Owen's additude

(I took the period out to make it 69~)


Newer Dev.apk 134 MB
Oct 01, 2019
Older Dev.apk 135 MB
Oct 01, 2019
Simulators.apk 136 MB
Oct 01, 2019
Tooth-6.9-mac.zip 132 MB
Oct 01, 2019
Tooth-6.9-pc.zip 149 MB
Oct 01, 2019

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Awesome I love it!!! ^-^

Thank you for your feed back man I'm glad your enjoying it! ^w^

yea I am in love with story and the characters too

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Hey man. Just played. I liked this new Owen's attitude. Although I think it was not your liking, you really didn't need to do that but to me he seems way more cool now. What a caring old bear #^^# (just for the record: by the way he acts every time Seth appears, I hope he gets jealous someday x33)

I hope to see what's gonna be between him and Rick, because of the way Rick cried. Maybe Owen's will discovers and feel bad? He doesn't need to look up for Rick but it would bring a subject to talk about with the player or something. Or not, only you to decides if you'll do that. But I hope there'll be a lots of subjects to talk about (and dates as well x3), like in Extracurricular Activities, being mundane, being serious subjects. That way we would connect with the characters even deeper. I really would like to know more about them (especially Owen's #^^#)

Also I noticed a bug, I don't know if it is: in last day, you encounter with the characters asking you for a date, even ones that I didn't had anymore encounters instead of the first day at gym (like in my case, I only encountered Owen's  but then Andrew, the cougar and the punk dog (can't recall their names) started to talk to me like a closer friend and asking me for a date in certain periods). Is that supposed to happen?

One more thing: after exiting the class to encounter Owen's, it appears a message saying "save here" and then an error message appears. This was suppose to be the end for the current update, right?


Yes it was supposed to go to the credit screen


Awww maan. I want to play mooore (at least, to hang out with Owen's again) T-T

I hope the next update comes soon *-*


It should come between now and October 13th. I only have about 400 or so lines to write so it shouldn't take me that long. But you never know because I have exams next week :P.

Damn exams. ¬¬*

Anyway, good luck. ^^


No it's not supposed to happen, did you happen to use the code "cheats" At the start or something? And I don't know who Rick is xD. I'm glad you like it man thank u for the feedback =w=

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no welcome man. And Rick is the bully you encounter at the parking lot after you lunch with Owen's. He said his name was Rick xD


Ohhh xD I had completely forgot tbh

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Nah. Don't know any code xD

If I recall correctly, I think the difference I did was to lend the pencil to the cougar dude, choosing Andrew to play dodgeball and re-encounter him outside to talk about vape. I also treated Seth well. Gonna test if it's what I did to gain this scene.

UPDATE: It seems if I only interacts with Andrew, Jake comes to ask me a date. If I interact with both Seth and Andrew seems to trigger the same scene as well. If I only interacts with Owen's, Dorian comes to ask me a date. If I interacts with Seth, Owen's and Andrew, Jake comes ask me for a date. Probably it's the choices you have that triggers these kind of requests. To discover what triggers it, it's necessary to play each rote and write each choice and the result of them or something. >_<'


Oh man that sounds like a rats nest. I will play it and see what happens. Although it is more likely something happened on your side (Bad download, or something) Thank you for telling me

Just saying that it's not that the characters I followed doesn't asks me for a date, they do. It just that the characters I NOT followed ends with asking along the character I did follow.

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Okay so I played it and it dose do that. I'm so sorry. It was because I had the points for the interactions so low. And when you accidentally got a point for one of the characters it put you on that track. Thank you so much for telling me. I fast forward it when I play it so I would have never caught that. I really appreciate you telling me. Also found like 200 lines of lines that we're you stayed after school but it didn't get to get shown because of the way I wrote it. If you want you could probably go in there and re-write day4.rpy so that it puts you there if you want. Although it would be easier to wait.

Yay. A new update. ^^

Can't wait to play. I'm busy at the moment

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Also what's the differences between Simulators, Older Dev and Newer Dev?


They are made for different phones/other stuff that run  .apk files. Older dev is for the older devices while Newer Dev is for the newer ones. Simulators are for like applications that you can have on a pc that has android functions.