Update 7.0

Hey guys, sorry for the late update. I'm slowly getting caught back up onto scedule

Update log:

*Completed Thursday

*Changed the menu sprites to make it easier to view the choices

*Corrected spelling for Thursday 

Have a good Halloween!


Newer.apk 135 MB
Oct 16, 2019
Older.apk 135 MB
Oct 16, 2019
Simulators ect.apk 136 MB
Oct 16, 2019
Tooth-7.0-mac.zip 132 MB
Oct 16, 2019
Tooth-7.0-pc.zip 149 MB
Oct 16, 2019

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Nice! I started to play now. But I think there's a problem: in the last day, Owen's asked me to be in school to hang out, but instead I went home.

What I did was to reload my last save. Maybe I need to play all over again?


Damn, sorry I messed up the point system again, and no you shouldnt have too


Okay so I re uploaded it, try it now

(1 edit)

Right. Just played again. And I have to say that I fricking LOVED Owen's date. Man he was so CUTE (I literally had internal screams when it showed the option to hold his hand)

Although didn't liked it Seth's point about why Owen's was acting wierd after the hug ¬¬ 

But I don't care; it still was a very cute date x33333

Can't wait for more chapters updates ^^

Also did you correct the other character's point systems as well? After playing dodgeball with Andrew but not going outside, I still go to play tennis with him, and meet him at health's class with him asking me for a date. I think it would be better to trigger his path if I at least choose two option with him, like playing dodgeball and going outside to trigger the tennis match and the health's class.


Hehe thank yah, and yeah Seth is a bit of a extrovert jerk so he will point out stuff. And yes i did correct the point system, because you dont gain any points from going outside (maybe a few points that are extra idk rn because I forgot) and while i agree with you, players wouldn't know that they would have to go outside to trigger his route and im tryna make things as blunt as i can. Although everything would be needed for a good ending (No, as of right now there isnt anything for getting all the points)

I see. 

I just assumed it would give you points because it's where you discover the character's hobby. =/

Good to know