Sorry it has tooken so  long guys. I've been mad busy with family and school.

Dev log:

- Finnished Day 5

- Expanded Seth's route

- Expanded Dorian's route

- Expanded Andrew's route

- Jake's route needs to be worked on (didn't have enough time to)

- Variables to decide future

- Worked on 9.0 plans

- Owen's route has to be expanded still as well

I also just want to thank you guys for the support it has really been important to me. You guys give me motivation to keep writing and working on this. I hope all of you have a good day/night

Also, if you were thinking that this update was small...it's 4100 lines, about 2-3 normal day lenghts.

I plan to finnish the update in a couple of days, but since Jake isn't a main focus he could wait.

(Sorry for the weird Cover Image I have misplaced my thumb drive with the og cover images and I didn't want to leave it blank.)


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Feb 02, 2020
Tooth-7.9-mac.zip 138 MB
Feb 02, 2020
Tooth-7.9-pc.zip 155 MB
Feb 02, 2020

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Oh my god... This was amazing.

Like, there were some spelling mistakes, and there were some problems here and there while playing, but the problems were worth what was ahead.

In Seth's route, I almost cried when Seth said that he and Max cared about the Main character... and also when Seth comforted the Main... I literally couldn't stop crying. I guess it's because I oh so wish I had someone like Seth with me, I related too much with the Main character's insecurity.

The update was worth the wait, and even more! Can't wait for the next one!

Hehe. Yeah I know there was alot this version as well as bugs. I'm sorry you have that kind of insecurity man. Just remember the hardest step is getting help. It all goes up hill from there. I'm glad you liked it. I wish you a good night/day!



When in the story play with max to the game console it gives this error, and i cant continue with the story.


Thank you for reporting the bug, you can continue you can hit the button that says "Ignore" at the bottom. I don't know why this bug keeps happening, but I will try and fix it again. Thank you and have a good day/night man

Thank you for your amazing content ( ꈍᴗꈍ)


Awe hehe thank you for your kind comment.