Update 8.0

The finished part of 8.0 is finally here. Not much has changed so it's not really worth updating. Although there were a lot of bugs on day 5.

Dev log: 

  - Jake route

  - Finished Owen's route

  - Fixed a lot of bugs

It has also came to my attention that some people have not noticed the Discord link in the description. I have a Discord server named Tooth. It was generally supposed to be for help and questions, but it's just a hang out place. We have custom roles and good staff team. Most of the people on there are nice (fuck you jerry). There are even polls that let you take part in some of the stuff that happens in the game. (It's not like major stuff just like for an example "What color should Seth's magic be"). I will even be taking advatage of Discord's custom status to make a progress bar.

Have a good day/night y'all!


Tooth-8.0-mac.zip 140 MB
Feb 13, 2020
Tooth-8.0-pc.zip 158 MB
Feb 13, 2020
ZAndroid Uni.apk 159 MB
Feb 13, 2020

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Omg thanks for the update ^-^


Hehe no problem bud! Have a good night/day


thanks you too ^-^