Update 8.5

Haaaaah... well it's finaly done. Sorry for taking a while stuff has been crazy n shit.

dev log-

changed story line

corrected grammer

added fucking periods

fixed period 3 on day 5

fixed bugs

new gui

Also, some might notice that this is update 8.5 instead of 9.0... I have plans to get new art! You can join the discord server for some teasers! Hope all of y'all have a good day


Tooth-8.5-mac.zip 141 MB
87 days ago
Tooth-8.5-pc.zip 158 MB
87 days ago
com.bluebeary.tooth-8500-universal-release.apk 159 MB
87 days ago

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Omg YES! A new update I been waiting patiently for this ^-^

hehe yeah thank u for waiting and sorry for the long wait

it's okay take your time ^-^

hehehe thank you for understanding man. I hope u have a good day

Thanks i hope you have a good day too ^-^

hell yeah, i´ve been waitingfor this.


Hehe good, thank you for waiting. Hope u have a good day