Due to  sending pictures of his cock and balls to minors (that he was well aware off) I had banned him. Then he had decided to report the server for child porn. (No there was no child porn on the server at that time but earlier a kiddo sent a nude then came out as underage later on, which that situation has already been delt with.) He did this to give my server a heart attack, which he succeded with. In responce to the panic I decided to delete the server. Me and staff are currently trying to make a better server now. I just felt like you guys should know this because most people on the server wern't active and I don't want them to think they got kicked. Also, since this person is being toxic and butt hurt he might try commenting on Tooth and shit, still trying to do his best to affect me, so I wanted to address this problem before it became a bigger one. I just wanted to say that the people that were on my discord server I love you all. You guys gave me good laughs and I hold good memorys with you guys. Like I may come off as an asshole or whatever but I trully love you all. Also, for refrence we are making it so that this problem will not happen again. Besides the guy of course lol. 

I also know that a lot of people are thinking that I'm starting to slowly stop working on this. I am sorry I'm taking this long. I'm trying to do stuff that I havent before and I also have mental shit right now. So take the cover image as a "I'm trying" thing. Please note that these sprites will not be like 24/7 ones. They will only be for some emotions I still have to make the forward facing ones.

Regards. I love you guys.

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Oh sweetie that's awful that happened :/ I'm happy that you were able to deal with the situation and like Foxtail69 (Great name lad xD) said don't worry we love your work, we love you and we can see all the heart and soul you pour in your project, just keep going in your own pace and don't overwork yourself k ;3

We love your amazing work and we really appreciate all the wonderful moments we have in this awesome game so please, stay healthy and just do things on your pace ;3 

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day today and may more amazing days come your way ;3

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Thank you, I lost a bet with a friend of mine and so changed my username and now I love it. I already made a fox mask, fox ears and a tail as well, so when the coronavirus is stable I will go out dressed up as my character. XD I am so ready to go out. By the way how do you change your profile photo, I can't see the option on my phone to do it....

Settings > Profile. I hope you have a better day and thank you for the kind words.

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Hey Tooth, first I would like to say that I love the story and how the game is starting to unfold, I love everything you have made with the game, there is nothing I would change, now 2nd thing screw that kid, you didn't do anything wrong, 3rd take your time, I can say in behalf of everyone that we can totally wait, we know how much it means to you to finish the game but you need to that in baby steps, there is no rush, an amazing takes time and yours is already one, and last but not least take care, if you ever feel down, remember that we support you and will always be here to show you our love and support. 

Sorry for the long speech, I was kinda caught in the moment. Anyway higs and kisses from me part to you tooth, keep doing what you love to do, I will give you my support and care, so you will never be alone. Love you. XD

Awwwwe thank you man. I'm glad you like it. Heh yeah... we were both at fault there because I should have handled the situation better. Yeah I know it will take awhile. I'm trying to take it slow but I also want to get it done soon for you guys. Hehehehe thank you It can and will be better tho... Thank you man. You guys do show support and yer love every day. I can honestly say that I love all of you guys, like you. I love you too man. Hugs and bear kisses to you as well. That was actually one of the best messages Ive got on here so thank you. If you ever need support yerself remember my dms are always open on discord

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Hey as long as you are happy i am happy.  Thank you for your support as well it means a lot to me, thanks to you and all the game designers from the Furry and the LGBT community I have been having a lot of motivation with my daily life as a culinary student and managing my little bakery proyect on my own, so when I have some time, I use it to play a little and fill my heart with some of these games, and who knows maybe one day some of you will visit my bakery and enjoy some of the sweets that i've created thanks to you guys. XD Just think about it makes me happy. XD So all i am saying is thank you and I hope that maybe one day I can meet you in person to say how much it means to me.

Pffft hehehe yeah maybe. I'm gonna come over and eat all of your and eat all of yer sweets heh

hehehe, well I wouldn't mind if you did. I would even feed you myself if you orded me to. Jejeje 

Heheheheh. A bear does need his food. I'll pay you back in shitty jokes heh.

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Hope to se the new DC soon. Sad to see it dissappear. Some people are.... I have no words.. 

God luck with the new one. 


Thank you man. The new one is close  to being done but it wont be like the one before. Yeah it was kinda sad cauz it was up for 2 years and it was my home but it will work out alright! Hope u have a good night/day



But... This guy can report this post now. Because u used Private data. Like Account name or real life name. 

i didnt use his full name or full username 

I was worried when I saw that the server no longer appeared. I will wait for the invitation to the new discord <3

Heh yeah. Thank you Ricky <3


i wish you good luck then

Thank you man. Wish u luck as well

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The community really meant alot to me too, It got me working on a project I discarded years ago. Hope the new one goes well, will join when it goes live. 

Side note: 

       Take your time on Tooth I can wait for as long as it takes. Wish ya the best!

Thank you man. It will be up very soon and I hope to see you there. Ill prob commeny on this when it does go up. I know we got off on the wrong foot but you are a really cool person. And thank you Im trying to take it slow but my brain tells me to go faster heh



Yikes, hope it's gonna go alright with this new one. 

Best of wishes!

(1 edit)

Thank you man. I hope it does too. I also hope I can get more awsome people on there

Oh wow

hehe yes


Holly shit there are some f'ed up people out there.... Now i wasn't on the server (already have too many where i just lurk) but deleting it might have been the best in this case. Hope you'll never have to deal whit anything like this again. Oh and take your time, good things come to those who wait

And u think that's really true? I hope it's not true.


Unfortunately it is true and it was a really harf choice  because that server and my community is like in my top 5 shit that matters to me but it was the right decision. I just can only hope that I can still get the people that were previously  on to join again. 

Okey. I hope you can do that.

Yeah me too. I hope you have a good day man